Media Services
Journalists need press visa to enter Iran, press card to work inside Iran, permissions to work in certain locations, interpreters, arrangements for interviews with officials and non-officials, technical services, special services and other general services. Generally, all the journalists need to pass some regulations to enter Iran and to start his/her journalistic activity. NNC provide journalists with services which can accelerate the process and provide a relief for journalists.The feedback provided by our journalists show that we have successfully satisfied them.
Nevertheless, we always welcome any comments helping to improve our services.

services that NNC provide

Initial Services

Press Card, Official Permissions, arrangements to interview with officials and non-officials, interpreter

Optional Services

Hotel Booking, Transportation, Inland Flights

Technical Services

Camera crew and SNG Crew

Tourism Services

Cooperating with Tourism Organization to plan journalistic tours to ancient cities of Iran and organizing trip to free-zones of Iran especially Arvand and Chabahar

Application Form

For pursuing your journalistic activities from NNC, you need to fill out the word file below, then convert it into pdf and email it to us. Do not forget to sign the very last page of the form.

Download Form Doc

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